period 01.06-17.06 18.06-30.06 01.07-09.07 10.07-19.08 20.08-27.08 28.08-10.09
single room 45lv 50lv 60lv 70lv 60lv 50lv
double room 60lv 80lv 90lv 110lv 90lv 80lv
triple room  70lv 100lv 110lv 130lv 110lv 100lv
suit 90lv 120lv 140lv 160lv 140lv 120lv
small double room 50lv 70lv 80lv 100lv 80lv 70lv
  • the price are in leva and includes VAT and breakfast

  • above prices relate to accommodate 1 person in single room, 2 people in double room, 3 persons for triple room 4 people apartment.

  • for additional accommodation is paid: for adults 20lv; children under 12 years - 15 leva

  • children under 4 years are free in the presence of two adults (without using additional bed)


  1. Parking lot - 10 leva per night

  2. Wireless internet - free

  3. Safe - free

  4. Child cot - 5 leva per night


Booking  unverified with payment to 3 business days will be canceled!